Representatives of SCMS

Luděk Korpa – President

(* 1960) Pastorof the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB); in 1989, he began to servethe congregation in Merklín, where he established Ichthys, a missionary BoyScout movement. In 1994, he moved to a church in Plzeň where – together withPastor Jongsil Lee who shares his interest in mission work – he created amission centre called Open House. Since 2003, he has been serving as the pastorof the ECCB congregation in Klobouky u Brna.

Jongsil Lee – First Vice-president

(* 1956) Pastorof the Presbyterian Church of Korea who worked at its headquarters for severalyears. Since 2001, he has been serving as a pastor of the Evangelical Church ofCzech Brethren in the Kobylisy section of Prague, where he not only works withthe local Korean community, but also strives to help the larger Czech churchfulfill its mission calling.


Pavel Černý

(* 1949) Pastor of the Evangelical Brethren Church; currently, alsoPresident of the Board of the Evangelical Brethren Church, President of theEcumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic, teacher of the PracticalTheology at the Evangelical Seminary of Prague and the Hussite TheologicalFaculty of Charles University in Prague. He also lectures at missionconferences, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and is a member ofinternational theological associations. He deals with the issues of ecumenismin his ministry.

Miroslav Erdinger

(* 1954) Studied theology at the Comenius Protestant TheologicalFaculy in Prague and social work at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts ofCharles University in Prague. He served as a pastor of the Evangelical Churchof Czech Brethren (ECCB); first, in Rovečné, Moravia and then, in Krabčice;between 1991 and 2005, he was the director of a Diaconal Centre of the ECCB – theRetirement Home – in Krabčice. Since 2005, he has been the pastor of the ECCBcongregation in the Kobylisy section of Prague.

Daniel Fajfr

(* 1952) Pastor of the Evangelical Brethren Church who currently isa denominational worker in the area of mission and evangelization, and ateacher of the Practical Theology at the Evangelical Seminary of Prague and atthe Dorkas School of Social Work and Theology in Olomouc, Czech Republic. In2006, he graduated from the International Baptist Theological Seminary inPrague with a degree in the area of contextual missiology. He is a member ofthe mission committee of the International Federation of Free EvangelicalChurches (IFFEC). He deals with issues related to the founding of newcongregations in the Czech Republic and with international mission.

Milan Jurík

(* 1978) Graduated from the Evangelical (Lutheran) TheologicalFaculty of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he now works asan assistant professor in the Department of Practical Theology. He specializesin catechetical work and mission to marginalized social groups. Since 2005, hehas also served as the pastor of students living in the Theological House ofthe Evangelical Theological Faculty in Bratislava.

Sungkon Park

(* 1966) Korean missionary who served for two years in Indonesiaand now lives in Komárno, Slovakia, where he is working with the SlovakReformed Church (which mainly consists of the Hungarian-speaking minority) toestablish a wide variety of mission projects. He also teaches theology at theUniversity of J. Seley in Komárno and pastors a Korean church in Nové Zámky.