Central European Centre for Mission Studies (CECMS) is a missiology organization whose goal is to introduce both pastors and laypeople to missiology and provide further education for them in this field.

The CECMS also develops various mission projects for churches and mission groups in the region of Central Europe with the purpose of helping churches to fulfill their role of mutual support (finances, human resources, know-how and vision) between those churches in the world interested in the mission work in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


Recent Publication: Slovak Translation of Bosch's Transforming Mission

Dear friends,

 we are pleased to announce you that CECMS has recently published the 2nd and 3rd part of David J. Bosch's Transforming Mission in a Slovak translation. Both parts are out now in a single volume, thus completing this whole magnum opus of mission studies; the Slovak translation of Part I was published by CECMS last year in a separate volume.

We hope that this achievement will help to fill the gap in high-quality missiological literature at the Czech and Slovak market.

Study Day: 16 November 2010, Brno


Central European Centre for Mission Studies in Prague

would like to invite you to its




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